Mathias Nova [mN_va] 

Music producer, incorrectly rejecting rigid genre conventions and divisions in electronic music, his music is a mixture of experimental minimalism, ambient, techhouse and dub - an explosive mixture in which the artist has found his unique style. He uses only electronic instruments instead of software solutions for creating music.

At the end of 2008 appeared as part of the "Polish Producers In Tribute to Kraftwerk" in Krakow in "Folia Club" and "Roentgen Club". In the same year his productions were released in the Brazilian label TronicB7 in its miniamal sub-label Eltronic Fusion Rec. In 2009 his "Glitchop poke710, 10" was used in the soundtrack of the independent movie "Solanin", directed by Eliasz Gramont. Member of Minicromusic label and [Punkt]kolektiv. At the end of 2009 he took part in an experimental video installation VJ-Lab in the Gallery BWA Wroclaw Design. In 2010 became member of the Warsaw Electronic Festival community.
Beginning of 2011 brings release from german label Taldor Records, and June 2011 another one  from Minicromusic Records. 

His productions combine many sounds and elements. His music collages are interesting and innovating. He rejects ready solutions, combining many different, sometimes unbelievable to meet and distant musical worlds. Easily joins such genres as ambient, click, minimal, industrial-glitch sounds and dub techno, creating the new eclectic and a little avant-garde style that lies  somwhere between deep / tech house and something indefinite.

most important events:

Insomnia vol.6 2012

International Streaming Festival 2011
Zlote Tarasy Summer Stage:  Electronic Waves 2011
Insomnia vol.5 2011
Warsaw Electronic Festival Live.Lab 2011
WEFconference 2010
House Fiesta Nysa 2010
Warsaw Electronic Festival 2010
VJ-Lab Gallery BWA Design 2009
Minicromusic on Tour 2009
Direct Beat Gigolo Special 2009,
Audio City 2008,
X Festiwal Biała Lokomotywa 2008,
BWA Bielsko-Biala 07/08,
ElectroPiknik 2007,
Ramada Art Festival 2007,
SpaceNight 2006
Cafe Miesna Minifest 2006,
Globalbeat Festival 2005,

and many, many more...


MATHIAS NOVA "Bluebbery" digital, DSAR020, Deep Sound Academy Records 2017
MATHIAS NOVA "2555 EP" digital 10423762 ISRC: DEAR41716926 Eastern Disco Rec 2017
MATHIAS NOVA "Arrival EP" digital [[DISTR08], Distorted Recordings 2015 
MATHIAS NOVA "Calling EP" digital [DISTR03], Distorted Recordings 2014
MATHIAS NOVA „Oranges LP”, digital 361015 Taldor Records 2012
MATHIAS NOVA "Ghosts EP", digital [minicromusic007] Minicromusic Records 2011
MATHIAS NOVA „Making Love EP”, digital 366158 Taldor Records 2011
MATHIAS NOVA "PROTOTYPE EP", digital MLR002 , inimalove Records 2010
MATHIAS NOVA "AIRPLANES EP", digital [minicromusic002] Minicromusic Records 2010
MATHIAS NOVA "Minimal Fusion Teck", digital ELT011 Eltronic Fusion Records 2008

CZERWIE "Otwarta Sztuka Dla Ludu (Special Edition)" - LP, CD Audio Czerwie rec. 2008 remix : "Extaza - Mathias Nova milkdrop edit "

CZERWIE "Padlina" ("Extaza" -Mathias Nova), CD Audio Czerwie rec. 2009

TECHNOMANCER "Digital Zombie Zwei" - demo, CDr AMC 2000 ,
TECHNOMANCER "Die Pneumatische Wehrmacht" - LP, CD Audio AMC 2001

MATHIAS NOVA - monomathematik @VARIOUS "Breslau Underground", digital / CDR [P]rec.1.11 [punkt]rec. 2011
MATHIAS NOVA - A Toy @VARIOUS "Breslau Underground", CDR [P]rec.1.11 [punkt]rec. 2011 (limited 200 copiees CD )

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